Engeros Otepää OÜ
 is a private business focusing mainly on the selling and purchasing of used trucks and trailers. We do our best to offer our customers a large variety of different makes and types. We try to always keep as many vehicles in stock as possible. 

For now the company has been on the market for around 20 years. During this time we have gained a lot of experience and clients. Our client base is very large and expands to almost every continent. We belive one of our biggest strengths to be the sense of what is going on at the market.

Our goal is to provide vehicles and services that comply with our clients' needs and desires. One of the most important thing is personal and flexible communication and feedback between the two sides which certainly conduces to reaching the goal.

We also try to offer as many services ("one-stop-shop") as possible. Among these servives are helping our clients with necessary documents, vehicle registration, MOT, insurance etc. International clients get our help with toll declarations. aquiring of transit numbers, organising transport (via land or sea), finding accomodations etc.

Engeros Otepää OÜ has found it's solid spot on the market. Long-term experience and sustainable relationships with clients have played an important role in where the company is today.

In hopes of pleasant cooperation,
Your Engeros Otepää

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